Load-Serving Entities Icon Trusted Services For Load-Serving Entities

Con Edison Energy provides trusted, turnkey energy management services to LSEs. Our services are customized to meet the unique requirements of your specific portfolio of energy assets and loads. Our regulatory staff is experienced with federal, state, and local compliance requirements and will work on your behalf. Communications to your management staff are organized to stay ahead of any regulatory changes.

360 Degree Load Asset Management

Power and Energy Hedging and Risk Management

Con Edison Energy’s experienced group of energy professionals will work closely with your organization to develop hedge plans designed to meet your financial targets. We can design and develop strategies and then execute them using our counterparty contracts or, on your behalf, as an agent. Our broad range of services and capabilities can help to enhance mid-term and long-term scenario-based strategies that can help optimize your load portfolio.

  • Forward Price Creation for Wholesale Market Products (including: Energy, Capacity, Renewable, and Transmission offerings)
  • Origination of Financial and Physical Hedge Execution
  • Intra-month Trading to Balance Changes in Load Requirements and Market Conditions
  • Trade Capture, Valuation, and Reporting
  • Supply Contract Evaluation
  • Detailed P&L and Risk Reporting (Position, MtM, Credit Exposure, VaR)

Power and Energy Forecasting and Scheduling

Whether reacting to fluctuating weather conditions or managing scheduling logistics, our power-scheduling team can plan and execute physical and financial strategies for your organization. With extensive experience in the ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM and ERCOT Independent System Operators (ISOs) markets, our power-scheduling team can provide your organization with a variety of physical and financial scheduling services from day-ahead power scheduling to tagging and transmission reservation.

  • Short-term and Mid-term Forecasting
  • Demand Scheduling
  • Bilateral Scheduling and Confirmations
  • Power Tagging and Transmission Reservations
  • Bid Accuracy and ISO Actual Usage Reporting
  • Hedge-Settlement Reporting and Balancing Cost Analysis

Renewable Requirement Management

Con Edison Energy can help your organization navigate the impacts of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) legislation while simplifying the state-by-state complexities of Renewable Energy Credit (REC) management. We help our clients develop and execute short-term and long-term strategies for the purchase of renewable energy credits.

  • REC Inventory Tracking and Management
  • RPS and/or Voluntary Requirement Tracking
  • REC Scheduling (Generation Information Systems, Generation Attribute Tracking Systems)
  • State RPS filings

Settlements and Performance Monitoring

With more than ten years of cross-commodity and cross-ISO experience, our dedicated team of settlement analysts can help decipher ISO/RTO settlement data to provide our load-serving clients a clear picture of performance and profitability. We offer customized reporting solutions helping load-serving entities decipher and leverage the deluge of data into meaningful and actionable information.

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Customized Settlement Reporting
  • ISO and Third Party Invoice Reconciliation
  • Shadow Settlement of ISO Invoices
  • Budgeting and Forecasting

Regulatory and Compliance

Con Edison Energy’s dedicated staff of regulatory professionals monitors the federal and local regulatory landscape to help your organization understand and prepare for possible impacts of regulatory changes to your business.

  • Regulatory and Compliance Updates
  • Committee Participation
  • Regulatory Planning
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Market Intelligence