Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Con Edison Energy do?

We are a service company providing customized energy-management services to our clients. Our comprehensive energy management services include bidding and scheduling, fuel management, hedging, settlement, risk management, and other support services for electric and gas commodities.

Who are our clients?

Our clients include independent merchant generatorsrenewable-asset developersmunicipal electricity providers/utilities, financial institutions, and energy-service companies.

In what geographic areas or pools is Con Edison Energy active?

We are active market participants in the ISO-New England, PJM, NYISO, ERCOT and California ISOs providing retail and wholesale supply and generation management services. See our Asset Map.

Does Con Edison Energy provide hedging and risk-management services? Can Con Edison Energy execute transactions on our client's behalf?

Yes. We work closely with our clients to develop hedging strategies customized to meet financial targets. We can execute on hedging strategies by entering into transactions utilizing our enabling agreements and trade credits. Alternatively, we can also execute using client contracts with approved counterparties as agent.

How do our clients maintain control of the decision-making process?

We pride ourselves on our customer focus and communication, and work closely with our clients to determine the level of control and interaction required. We establish detailed risk and trading parameters and the level of customer approval required. Depending on your needs and the level of service you desire, we conduct daily, weekly, or monthly conference calls and provide customized reporting of transactions and settlements.