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Turnkey Services for Energy Asset Owners

Professional energy management services from Con Edison Energy encompass the full range of functions required to successfully manage and optimize the value of your merchant energy asset portfolio. Our turnkey services are customized to meet the unique requirements of your specific energy asset portfolio. Our communications and reports are tailored to meet the needs of your executive team.

360 Degree Energy Asset Management for Energy Asset Owners

Independent System Operators (ISO) Bidding and Scheduling

Whether you own fossil fuel generation or renewable resources, our experienced team of energy professionals will provide your organization with a broad range of bidding and scheduling services that ensure optimal participation for your energy asset portfolio in the ISO/Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) markets.

  • Day-Ahead and Real-Time Bidding
  • Physical Energy Scheduling and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Tagging
  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Scheduling
  • Capacity Auction Participation
  • Ancillary Services Auction Participation
  • Congestion Auction Participation
  • Analytics and Decision Support

Power and Energy Hedging and Risk Management

Con Edison Energy’s experienced group of energy professionals work closely with energy asset owners and managers to develop hedge plans calculated to meet financial targets. We work with clients to design and develop operational strategies and then execute the strategies using our counterparty contracts, or on your behalf as an agent. In addition, our broad range of planning services and capabilities help energy asset owners develop mid-term and long-term, scenario-based strategies to optimize their asset portfolio.

  • Forward Hedge Strategy Design and Execution
  • Position Monitoring and Reporting for Fuels, Energy, and Environmental Attributes
  • Customized Risk Reporting
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Counterparty Contract Management
  • Market Intelligence

Energy Market Analytics

When energy asset owners and renewable developers look to make business acquisitions or new construction decisions they need leading-edge energy market analytics. Our team of experts discover the power and natural gas market trends for you. We build flow models and stress-test for various market conditions to produce various short and long-term forecasts.

  • Historic Market Trends and Modeling
  • Power and Natural Gas Forecasting
  • Asset Valuations
  • Right-sizing of Energy Assets

Fuel Management

From contract negotiation to fuel purchasing and core logistics, our dedicated team of energy professionals will help ensure that your fuel needs are in balance with your generation portfolio.

  • Fuel Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Hedging
  • Pipeline and Utility Gas Transportation Contract Management
  • Gas Nomination and Scheduling

Custom Settlements and Performance Monitoring

With more than ten years of cross-commodity and cross-ISO experience, our dedicated team of settlement analysts can help decipher ISO/RTO settlement data and provide asset owners with a clear picture of performance and profitability. We offer customized reporting solutions that helps asset owners leverage the deluge of data into meaningful and actionable information.

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Customized Settlement Reporting
  • ISO and Third-Party Invoice Reconciliation
  • Shadow Settlement of ISO Invoices
  • Budgeting and Forecasting

Regulatory and Compliance

Con Edison Energy’s experienced staff of regulatory professionals monitors the federal and local regulatory landscape to help your organization plan, prepare, and understand the possible impacts of regulatory changes.

  • Regulatory and Compliance Updates
  • Committee Participation
  • Regulatory Planning
  • Compliance Monitoring Market Intelligence